Nov. 11th, 2012

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I really liked Conrad William's debut novel Head Injuries, but somehow never got round to reading any of his later books, so I was delighted to see his latest effort, Separation Loss (2012) on the shelves of the Sheffield Central Library! (The horror collection there is tiny, but someone's obviously keeping their finger on the pulse..)

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I am thinking of reading some more Williams but am not sure which of his books I would like. None of his other novels have very attractive jacket descriptions (they all seem to be about the end of the world, and scientific dystopias, both themes that are pretty worn-out by now) but if any of these books really are good then I'd give them a whirl, so please let fly with the recommendations!
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As regular readers may have noticed, I'm a fan of Reggie Oliver, but my attempts to secure a whole book of his stories have been thwarted for years by the rarity and price of hardback editions of his work. But all that's just changed! Tartarus Press have wrested Oliver's first collection, The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini from the clutches of small-press loony soapbox The Haunted River and this year they've brought out a much-awaited second edition in....PAPERBACK!!!

Since the beginning of his career nine years ago Oliver has established himself as the number one contender for the title of the New MR James. His understated, concise prose, frequent use of antiquarian themes and impressive panoply of lurking horrors ensure that the spectre of Old Monty pervades a lot of his work. Oliver has even completed the unfinished James story 'The Game of Bear'! However, Oliver is far from being a lazy copycat and usually manages to imbue his stories with a charm all his own (at least if the ten or so tales I've read are anything to go by.) But as I eagerly cracked open my copy of The Dreams..., I had to wonder whether this early collection would match later stories such as 'The Children of Monte Rosa' and 'A Child's Problem'?

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